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Coming Soon! Inheritance Rants, letter narrated by Emma

Coming soon, fans!

Rants by Annie are on the way! Yes, friends, be prepared to a spectacle of TRUE AWESOMENESS. (they are very opinionated, so watch out, guys!)

Here’s a snippet of her Inheritance (by Christopher Paolini) rant, which focuses mainly on Roran:

The following is by Annie:

Heya!!!! If you have read Inheritance, the last book in the Inheritance cycle…..Be Excited.

Ready for the first snippet of the Inheritance rant????
Caution: The following is EXTREMELY OPINIONATED and If you love Roran- sorry.

u ARE NOT ERAGON’S BROTHER!!!!! u r just a selfish twit who is selfish and stoopid. when u made eragon place wards on u, i was GONNA KILL U !!!!!!! u r vile and the dumbest thing to walk the planet. and u cant even die properly!!!!! u should have been killed in the rock wall or AT-LEAST when that count person was roaming around!!!!!! and your hammer? LAME. U cant even fight, i could use a hammer and whack ppl, it doesnt require skill ya know!!!!! but eragon, who is super hawt-gawd like, can use his brain and vastly superior sword freaking amazing skills. and what can u do besides look like a boulder? thats right, nothing. and u r soooooo whipped!!!!!

More coming soon! Friday, 6 ish. Be EXCITED!!!

-Emma and Annie

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Hey guys! This is our new blog.  Here’s an overview of what we will do :

Nice to meet you my name is Reagan.  Me and my freinds Emma and Annie really love books, so we decided to start a blog about them.  So, since Annie, Emma and I usually feel very strongly about most of the books we read, we will probably use some very colorful word expressions (not explicit).  We love to write rants about things we ESPECIALLY do not like, we will have a few of those.  Most of these will be done by Annie.  Before we write our reviews, we will tell you who it is writing it.  You can post who you like the best (probably me “lies says Emma”) and also books you would like us to review.  We will try to get to as many of these as possible. On the sidebar, it says the books we are reading, those are the books we will write reviews for.  As for what time our previews will be posted, it will be every Friday around 6.  We will try to make our reviews around this time period, but if we miss one or post it at a different time, don’t be too disappointed:).  We will also have some unscheduled reviews every once in a while.  Those, you will have to look out for!

Well. thanks for coming to our blog.  Remember, our first reviews will be this Friday at 6.  Thanks for coming and see you then! -Emma, Reagan, and Annie