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Coming Soon! Inheritance Rants, letter narrated by Emma

on January 24, 2012

Coming soon, fans!

Rants by Annie are on the way! Yes, friends, be prepared to a spectacle of TRUE AWESOMENESS. (they are very opinionated, so watch out, guys!)

Here’s a snippet of her Inheritance (by Christopher Paolini) rant, which focuses mainly on Roran:

The following is by Annie:

Heya!!!! If you have read Inheritance, the last book in the Inheritance cycle…..Be Excited.

Ready for the first snippet of the Inheritance rant????
Caution: The following is EXTREMELY OPINIONATED and If you love Roran- sorry.

u ARE NOT ERAGON’S BROTHER!!!!! u r just a selfish twit who is selfish and stoopid. when u made eragon place wards on u, i was GONNA KILL U !!!!!!! u r vile and the dumbest thing to walk the planet. and u cant even die properly!!!!! u should have been killed in the rock wall or AT-LEAST when that count person was roaming around!!!!!! and your hammer? LAME. U cant even fight, i could use a hammer and whack ppl, it doesnt require skill ya know!!!!! but eragon, who is super hawt-gawd like, can use his brain and vastly superior sword freaking amazing skills. and what can u do besides look like a boulder? thats right, nothing. and u r soooooo whipped!!!!!

More coming soon! Friday, 6 ish. Be EXCITED!!!

-Emma and Annie


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