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Waking Storms by Sarah Porter

on June 23, 2012

This book was AMAZING! I didn’t think it was possible but this book was even better than the first one. This is the sequel to Lost Souls and it had the same hypnotic, mesmerizing quality to it. Unlike the first book which focuses on Luce embracing her dramatic transition into a murderous mermaid, this book shows the more rebellious side of Luce. She has left the mermaid tribe and has made it clear that she will not come back, under any circumstances.



In the last book, Luce was timid and still learning the ways of the mermaids. Well, not in this book! She still is learning but she finally gets a backbone and does whatever pleases her. She still is as selfless as ever but with the evil people(cough cough Anais), she doesn’t hesitate to stop them. It was invigorating and amazing to see Luce’s transformation from that timorous child to the inevitable queen she became!


Understandably, he is very broken, confused, and has some residual feelings of hatred towards the mermaids. But that does not excuse his pedantic behavior! He refused to see mermaids as good creatures, he just firmly believed that humans were the best. This is a problem when he falls for Luce, when he tries to change her and make her become a human. This would be fine except the survival rate is roughly .05%! Dorian easily dismissed any attempts for HIM to do anything for Luce. I know he was hurt and all but that does not excuse his selfish behavior!

I knew Dorian would be filled with angst and venom for the mermaids because they killed his entire family but very quickly, he succumbs to Luce and falls madly in love with her. I didn’t believe he had fully believed that Luce was good and I was proven right throughout the book, whenever Dorian made bitter outbursts at Luce.

DORIAN! Make up your mind! If you wanna hate the mermaids: HATE THEM! But if you don’t want to hate the mermaids: DON’T BE ALL MEAN AND BITTER TO LUCE!

Also at the end, he becomes a sniveling human boy who doesn’t deserve to live because he does something really, really annoying!

Dorian was hurt and had both negative and redeeming qualities but the trouble was, only one side was present at a time, meaning he was either amazing or incredibly bitter. I like Dorian a lot but then started resenting him at the end for doing something really, really stupid!


Waking Storms is alternating points of views between Luce and Dorian. Their love wasn’t a typical YA insta-love. They both had MAJOR issues. Luce was partly responsible for Dorian’s entire family dying so it was understandable that Dorian was drawn to her since she had saved his life but was also very furious at her for killing his family.

The beginning of the book picks up three months after Luce saved Dorian’s life. While Luce is struggling to become accustomed to her new role as the pariah of the mermaids, Dorian is craving to see Luce, the mysterious stranger who pardoned his life. He’s angry but he’s also curious for answers, some closure of the tumultuous events that changed his life forever. And he’s willing to do anything to find them.

Luce and Dorian’s interaction was exactly as I thought it would. They were both tentative yet undeniably curious and drawn to each other. Dorian would have bitter outbursts and Luce would be shy and withdrawn at times. They both were shattered yet together, it seemed like they were whole and repaired.


I loved this book and I thought this was by far the best book in the series! This book made up for the romance which was desperately missing in the first book. There’s a lot of action, romance, and mystery to this book.

If you liked the first book even a little bit, you will be drawn to this book since it has TWICE the allure of the first book. I was hooked on this book and it was simply magnificent!


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