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Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols

on June 29, 2012

Such a Rush By Jennifer Echols


 If you are a fan of Jennifer Echols or have enjoyed her previous books, you will, no doubt, just LOVE this book.

Such a Rush was amazing yet totally unexpected. It was by far, one of the most original books I have read this year!

Why is that? 

Well, Jennifer Echols has done it again, she created an intricate, mesmerizing tale that once again swept you off your feet. While reading, you were ecstatic, compassionate, and sorrowful at times. Her character development of the protagonist blew me away. She created a unique storyline while adding in the romance, mayhem, and angst just the way us fans like it.

 The Plot:

Leah Jones is a high school senior who aspires to be a pilot. She works for Mr.Hall and flying is like breathing to her. She has a great job and just wants to complete her last year of high school so she can become a full-time pilot, her dream job. The catch? She lives in a trailer, her mom is a flake, and it seems like she’s losing everything she ever cared about. Mr.Hall dies, leaving her at the mercy of the Hall boys who never considered her part of the flying family. She’s struggling to hold onto her job, even if it means going against her principles and doing the one thing she would have never dreamed about. But she has no choice, she has to listen to Grayson as he threatens to divulge a secret that would end her life as she knew it. She despises what she’s forced to do, to work for the Hall boys with Grayson who never seems to leave her alone. 

But she doesn’t mind Grayson’s constant presence. And that’s what frightens her the most.

 The Characters:

I love this book, but that doesn’t mean it contains no flaws. There were several little flaws which made me slightly frustrated but not enough to make me furious or lower my rating of this book. The main problem I had with the characters was that Leah was wonderfully developed, with all her hopes and her dreams mapped out for us, while the other characters, namely the Hall boys were curiously underdeveloped. I had no idea what was going on in their heads and at times I would be like, what are you thinking!? But despite that, I still enjoyed their characters and the ambiguity of Alec and Grayson just added to their allure. 


Leah was super tough, breathtakingly beautiful, and confident. Basically, everything you want a main girl to be. She was amazingly strong and kept her cool. I admired her for the fact, despite she grew up in a trailer park, she wasn’t afraid to go after what she loved. Leah knew what she wanted and she would get it! 


He seems like the quintessential golden boy but he isn’t. He’s devious, wicked smart, and a diabolical mastermind. I have no idea what to call him, he was so unique. His reasons for doing what he did were ambiguous and he turned out to be the opposite of what we thought of him as. So, be prepared to be surprised and shocked at the end of this book!


Straw hat? Check.

Aviator glasses? Check.

Super sexy bad boy? Check!

Grayson was the super sexy bad boy we have to love! But, he was so different from the rest of the bad boys we see in YA, it was refreshing. He seems broken because he is broken. He’s flawed and doesn’t magically fix everything wrong about him when he falls in love. He is perfect but hard to love. But once you do, BRACE YOURSELF!

 The Romance:

Hello, this is JENNIFER ECHOLS, so obviously the romance is PERFECT! It’s not too quick or too slow, it’s just right.

Who are the people in love you ask? 

That’s why you’ll have to read this amazing book so you can find out for yourself! 

Prepare to be swept away in the sizzlingly love 😉


Jennifer Echols has done it again, I am in love with this book. I adore it! I treasure it! I praise it! 

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Jennifer Echols, has read and loved any of her books, or someone who has amazing taste in books 🙂

Another reason why this book is SOOOOOO good, while I’m writing this review, I’m resisting the urge to slap my computer screen down so I can sprint upstairs and grab Such a Rush so I can read it again, (for the third time and it’s not even out yet.)


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