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Pretty Unlikely (Bloody Extended Version) by Emily Hodson

Pretty Unlikely (Bloody Extended Version) by Emily Hodson
First of all, I received a copy of this for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review: so, thank you so much to the people who made that happen!

Cover Thoughts:
Horror movie meets chick flick. I love how it’s so scary yet it still shows the eerily beautiful side of the story. I loved how well it matched the novel! Also, props for the cover for not depicting a passive girl lying in the meadow which seems to be the norm nowadays in covers for YA…

Writing Style:
It wasn’t AMAZING but it wasn’t bad either. I have read much worse writing that was so dull, I couldn’t even finish the book!(So, pretty awful). This book, compared to others, was pretty good for a debut author. There were some flaws and I wanted to kill the characters sometimes but it was pretty good and had a nice, easy rhythm to the prose.

All you need to know:
Horror movie in a novel! (Hot guy included). If you love horror movies, READ THIS! Plus, the love interest was kinda hawt 😉

The Book Trailer:
The AUTHOR made the book trailer! How awesome is that!? Like, it wasn’t enough that that she wrote an entire novel, but she also invested so much time into making a carefully thought out trailer for her book? Gawd, that’s dedication, hats off to her!
Besides the fact the author is totally epic and all for making her own trailer (how AWESOME is that!? Seriously!) But, it was pretty good. Yeah, you could tell it wasn’t made in Hollywood but it was scary and cool! The filming was Paranormal Activity-esque. Even if you don’t read the book, see the trailer! Then you will feel like reading the book 🙂

Overall Opinion:
It was a nice, thought provoking debut novel. Definitely worth reading once but be prepared for the nightmares…(It was scary, ok!)

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Angel Evolution! By David Estes. Oh joy…or not.

I tried to like this book, I really did! I just couldn’t…
It was so similar to other stories I had read, I groaned inwardly when I finished the first part of the book. 
It’s not just the book, it’s what it was about, that made me feel so negatively towards the entire novel. Maybe if it was the first time I had encountered this plot and idea of the book, 
I would have felt differently but no such luck 😦
I have read similar book to this, and because of that, I can’t say I liked it. I twas just so…ordinary.

The Plot:
This is ALL you need to know:
There’s this pretty, “special” girl who just doesn’t know it. In addition, she has no idea she is pretty. Both of these factors lead to her low self esteem. (And she’s socially awkward, but that’s a given lately in YA fiction.)
Then comes the guy. He’s hawt, of course, but he has a secret agenda! He has a mission. It involves her and it isn’t good…
 Not that she knows that! Yet…
 But when he’s with her, she feels so special!
But what will happen when she finds out his secret?
And what will happen to him when he fails his mission and falls in love with the target? (Or does he?…..<insert suspenseful music>…)

The Protagonist:
She was like a brick, no personality at all. It didn’t even seem like she loved her family. She was happy to get away from her dad and had no connection to her brother. Her brother, she claimed didn’t care about her, well how is that? There is no evidence to support that and how can you not love your sibling? No matter what, even if you hate them you still FEEL something towards them, have some sort of a connection. It’s simply not possible to feel NOTHING towards your bro or sis!
Also, when meeting Gabriel, she didn’t change out of her sweatpants or put makeup on because “that’s the kinda girl she is”. 
Wow! You’re sooooo deep bella, I mean Taylor! Hehehe
I think the author was trying to make her come across as deep or so sophisticated and mature by making her the atypical girl but the effect was that she seemed like she was trying TOO hard to be “different” which makes her seem no different than anyone else.

Overall Impression:
This book was a hard read for me because it was so dull and uninteresting. By page 43, I had had enough of this book. I wanted to put it down, but because of the deadline, I plunged on. If I could have abandoned this book, I would have. There was nothing that struck out to me about the book, neither the characters or plot nor the writing style. Everything seemed…average.
The plot was not engaging, especially in the beginning and it continued to drag on. The characters were mediocre and I felt no real connection to any of the half-developed characters. Taylor, the protagonist who was a college student, seemed like such a brick head sometimes, I felt hatred towards her. She was another faceless girl who fell deeply in love with the hawt guy, who just so happened to be evil. There was nothing about that made me even remotely interested in her, if she fell of a cliff, I would wouldn’t even blink my eyes. Maybe I would cheer if I bothered to pay attention…
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Taste by Kate Evengelista

This book was good, like REALLY GOOD! I just can’t get over just how amazing this book was! But, for the sake of this review, I will hold my insanity in and just continue.
Plot:The plot kept on thickening! It starts with danger and it just gets more intense every moment! Each moment was action packed and I couldn’t tear my eyes from the pages. There was never a moment where there wasn’t something interesting going on and I LOVED THAT!
Coolest. Name. EVER! And her personality totally matched it. I loved how she was selfless, hurt, yet fiery and passionate. She was a great combination of strength and vulnerability and she was pretty fricking awesome!
One word. HAWT!
Demitri: He was pretty awesome and I loved that he didn’t have insta-love right when he saw Phoenix, but let it simmer before things heated up.(Oh, boy did they!) BUT, he was weirdly controlling at times which could be chalked up to the archaic ways of his people, i guess…
The Romance:
Besides the accursed love triangle, it was pretty good. Right from the beginning, you knew who the girl would end up with. It was so obvious yet pointless at parts when they were “separated” because you would just KNOW already who would end up together. 
Both the males in question were HAWT! I’m not quite convinced about Demitri’s shoulder length hair thought, that’s pretty iffy. But LUKA! Right from the start, I thought he was the sexiest thing ever. He kinda reminded me of Jace, which is one of the biggest compliments you can tell someone, fyi 🙂
Overall Impression:
This had everything you could possibly want in a novel. A strong heroine, hawt HAWT guys, evil villians, evil hawt guys, evil not hawt guys, mad scientists, adorable 12 year olds, exiled kings, crazy friends, and strong wills. The list goes on and on but you gotta stop somewhere. 
I didn’t think I would love this much but here I am 🙂
Right from the start, this book drew me in so I had no choice but to stay up late and constantly read this book like a madman. It was just so addicting! Usually, even the best book fails to catch my attention, in at least one part of the book, but no such thing ever happened in this book! I would would put it down for a second, (a girl’s gotta eat), and my thoughts would just keep flickering back to NEEDING this book. So, point to be noted, don’t try reading this book in segments, that’s simply not possible. The second you sink your teeth into it, you’re gonaa devour it!
My advice to you: READ THIS BOOK! You will NOT be sorry! 
Special thanks to the awesome author for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.You’re the best, thanks so much!!