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Taste by Kate Evengelista

on July 7, 2012
This book was good, like REALLY GOOD! I just can’t get over just how amazing this book was! But, for the sake of this review, I will hold my insanity in and just continue.
Plot:The plot kept on thickening! It starts with danger and it just gets more intense every moment! Each moment was action packed and I couldn’t tear my eyes from the pages. There was never a moment where there wasn’t something interesting going on and I LOVED THAT!
Coolest. Name. EVER! And her personality totally matched it. I loved how she was selfless, hurt, yet fiery and passionate. She was a great combination of strength and vulnerability and she was pretty fricking awesome!
One word. HAWT!
Demitri: He was pretty awesome and I loved that he didn’t have insta-love right when he saw Phoenix, but let it simmer before things heated up.(Oh, boy did they!) BUT, he was weirdly controlling at times which could be chalked up to the archaic ways of his people, i guess…
The Romance:
Besides the accursed love triangle, it was pretty good. Right from the beginning, you knew who the girl would end up with. It was so obvious yet pointless at parts when they were “separated” because you would just KNOW already who would end up together. 
Both the males in question were HAWT! I’m not quite convinced about Demitri’s shoulder length hair thought, that’s pretty iffy. But LUKA! Right from the start, I thought he was the sexiest thing ever. He kinda reminded me of Jace, which is one of the biggest compliments you can tell someone, fyi 🙂
Overall Impression:
This had everything you could possibly want in a novel. A strong heroine, hawt HAWT guys, evil villians, evil hawt guys, evil not hawt guys, mad scientists, adorable 12 year olds, exiled kings, crazy friends, and strong wills. The list goes on and on but you gotta stop somewhere. 
I didn’t think I would love this much but here I am 🙂
Right from the start, this book drew me in so I had no choice but to stay up late and constantly read this book like a madman. It was just so addicting! Usually, even the best book fails to catch my attention, in at least one part of the book, but no such thing ever happened in this book! I would would put it down for a second, (a girl’s gotta eat), and my thoughts would just keep flickering back to NEEDING this book. So, point to be noted, don’t try reading this book in segments, that’s simply not possible. The second you sink your teeth into it, you’re gonaa devour it!
My advice to you: READ THIS BOOK! You will NOT be sorry! 
Special thanks to the awesome author for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.You’re the best, thanks so much!!

2 responses to “Taste by Kate Evengelista

  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! I’m so happy you enjoyed the read. Is there a way for you to post your review on Amazon or B&N? It would really help spread the word. Thank you! Have a great weekend!

    • I actually posted my review on Amazon but haven’t received my confirmation yet. Will definitely post it once I receive it! 🙂
      Thanks so much for the great read!

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