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Pretty Unlikely (Bloody Extended Version) by Emily Hodson

on July 27, 2012

Pretty Unlikely (Bloody Extended Version) by Emily Hodson
First of all, I received a copy of this for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review: so, thank you so much to the people who made that happen!

Cover Thoughts:
Horror movie meets chick flick. I love how it’s so scary yet it still shows the eerily beautiful side of the story. I loved how well it matched the novel! Also, props for the cover for not depicting a passive girl lying in the meadow which seems to be the norm nowadays in covers for YA…

Writing Style:
It wasn’t AMAZING but it wasn’t bad either. I have read much worse writing that was so dull, I couldn’t even finish the book!(So, pretty awful). This book, compared to others, was pretty good for a debut author. There were some flaws and I wanted to kill the characters sometimes but it was pretty good and had a nice, easy rhythm to the prose.

All you need to know:
Horror movie in a novel! (Hot guy included). If you love horror movies, READ THIS! Plus, the love interest was kinda hawt 😉

The Book Trailer:
The AUTHOR made the book trailer! How awesome is that!? Like, it wasn’t enough that that she wrote an entire novel, but she also invested so much time into making a carefully thought out trailer for her book? Gawd, that’s dedication, hats off to her!
Besides the fact the author is totally epic and all for making her own trailer (how AWESOME is that!? Seriously!) But, it was pretty good. Yeah, you could tell it wasn’t made in Hollywood but it was scary and cool! The filming was Paranormal Activity-esque. Even if you don’t read the book, see the trailer! Then you will feel like reading the book 🙂

Overall Opinion:
It was a nice, thought provoking debut novel. Definitely worth reading once but be prepared for the nightmares…(It was scary, ok!)


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