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Star Trek: into darkness

So, I saw the movie.  No, I didn’t just see that movie, I lived it.  Yes, Star Trek into darkness is that amazing.  Now, I am not just saying that because I am a Trekkie (although that was a good portion of the reason) , but I think I would have loved this movie even if I wasn’t already adore the characters and story line.

Personally, I love action movies I thought it was brilliant to have the first scene so action packed.  It really drew me in and made me excited from the get go.  This opening scene had some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire movie, but the entire movie was just beautiful.  Every background and scene was meticulously planned with the utmost care and added a whole new level to the movie.  This aspect allowed the audience to really feel like they were there with the characters instead of just watching.

The movie had the perfect amount of wit, drama, and action.  I don’t think anyone in the theater was at any time bored, whether they were laughing at Bones, biting their fingernails in anticipation, or sobbing their eyes out.  One minute you would be cracking up and the next you would be crying. So, this movie was the most hilarious thing I have seen in a while.  Basically the whole movie, Spock and Uhura were having “relationship issues” , which was hilarious and of course Bones had to have his usual “Man I’m a doctor, not a (insert whatever career here)”.  In this case, the career was torpedo technician.

Do not even get me started on Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch that beautiful man).  Not only was he an amazing bad guy, a role he had yet to play, but he also add the layers of depth needed for the “new” adaption of Khan.  Yes, this Khan is completely different from that of the Khan form the original series.  Benedict added more layers of depth to the character of Khan, which I enjoyed more than a villian who were just plain evil.  (SPOILER AHEAD) You could even argue that this guy:

Known as Commander Alexander Marcus was the actual villain of the movie.


In the end, this movie deserves all of the amazing reviews it has gotten.  Everything about the movie was perfect and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  Now, go and see this movie. I don’t care what your doing, drop it and go see it now.  You will be happy you did.

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soon to come!!!!!

So as most everyone knows, Star Trek into darkness has come out and you may be excited to know that we are going to see it.  YAY.  So, in response to this momentous occasion in trekkie history, I will write a review of my thoughts on the movie and the beautiful, fine young men known as Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch.  We are going to the movie on Friday, so the review be done sometime this weekend.





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